Hello world!

Well well..I have seen many of my friends have blog.So i think why not create the one for me as well.At least i will have some website link to put in the facebook,orkut or any other social networking website :)(well i have one reason at least for creating the blog,indeed the bad on though).So reason might be insane,but i started it finally.I am not a very much articulately in writing the non-technical topic(even though not in technical topics as well πŸ™‚ ),so you might see some text written on the fly without any objective( often) and very much possible without conclusion :). So this previous line might not give a click to people to follow my blog,but i can say,just give it a try and follow-me,you might find it interesting (Anyway you can always throw me out of your “following” list,just by single click,bad feature!! πŸ™‚ ).

I will try to resist my self to not to write on technical topic,cribbing thoughts on any political decisions/party,what will happen to india?,inflation is killing me? kind of stuff,because anyway newspaper is doing that thing. I will try to share my good/funny/accidental experiences which might have some interesting context in it.So lets see how it goes.One more important point i want to make here,dont evaluate my English language command here,its third language for me and i am learning it πŸ™‚ . You will see lots of smiley in theΒ  blog when you open it accidentally/intentionally/coincidentally,so keep smiling :).

Ohh..looks like i stretched it a lot… lets stop and and take a drink πŸ™‚

So time to say “Hello World!!” keep watching πŸ™‚